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This is the hotel of busniess travellers, coming to Szolnok

We ensure your home and office in Szolnok city center, with parking place inside, strong WIFI system, big bathrooms, and first of all, rooms with cosy beds. If you travel to Szolnok because of business and negotiations, then our Hotel is the best choice for you!

Give us the arrival and departure date of your trip.

Booking by E-mail!

(Profession specific information)

You contact straight Us (the Hotel) with direct booking.
Though missing the agencies who ask commission for advertising the Hotel.
Tipically OTAs /Online Travel Agencies/ like Booking.com, HRS, Szallas.hu, etc.
If you do your booking through them, the prices contain 12-38 % commission,
(depending on the city) without any added value.

We decided to give you the same service for 12 % less in case of booking your hotel room directly at us.

We can do this because you made a clever decision.
We don’t have to pay commission for your booking.
If we don’t pay commission, we neither let you pay that.
Therefore we can decrease the price of the room with that.
(It’s the same as if you don’t buy your favourite wine in the supermarket but straight at the producer.)

We will welcome you with the same manner of course, if somehow you use an OTA.
In fact, here they are:

Semiramis Business Hotel on booking.com
Click here, if you really want/need to pay min.18% more for the same!

Semiramis Business Hotel on HRS.com, fill this form, if you really want/need to pay min.18% more for the same!

Hotels powered by HRS

Semiramis Business Hotel on szallas.hu -n, click here, if you really want/need to pay min.18% more for the same!

I told you!

Let’s make the process faster!

Think about the following details:

–         Arrival date

–         Departure date

–         Type of the room/rooms (double bed or single bed, showercabin or corner bathtube)

–         Number of the rooms needed

–         Name of the guest(s)

–         If you book by phone: your e-mail adress (you can send it in SMS)

–         Who will pay the bill?


Pick yourself!

  • Double bed

  • Huge shower

  • Own balcony

  • LED TV 32″/82cm

  • Aircooling

  • Frige 60 liter

  • Double bed

  • Corner bathtube

  • Own balcony

  • LED TV 32″/82cm

  • Aircooling

  • Frige 60 liters

  • Double bed in the bedroom

  • Bathtube for two person

  • Own balcony

  • LED TV 32″/82cm

  • Aircooling

  • Fridge with freezer+minibar

  • Living room with office table and sofa

  • Normal sized bed(s) (90×200 cm)

  • Huge showercabin

  • Own balcony

  • LED TV 24″/ 62cm

  • Aircooling



This video shows you how to reach the Hotel Semiramis